Improving workers’ lives by protecting their rights has been the passionate cornerstone of Hugh McGavick's legal career for more than 40 years. He feels blessed his career has given him a platform for social justice, a chance to help level the playing field between workers and corporations or governments. Hugh works closely with clients to understand the unique facts and circumstances of their case, because facts win cases, and the best negotiation strategy is full preparation. As a skilled courtroom advocate and negotiator, Hugh prefers to avoid courtroom battles if possible, and to litigate if necessary. Representative cases include sexual coercion and harassment, discrimination, retaliation, wrongful termination, and other illegal treatment.

Is your job coming to an end, or already has? Have you been offered or would like to request a severance package? Negotiations near the end of employment can be a critical win-win opportunity for all involved to move forward, with the closure and certainty everyone needs to recalibrate. Sometimes litigation can be avoided through negotiated communication with employers, which can happen as working conditions deteriorate on the job, or instead of litigation. The earlier negotiations give peace a chance, the better for everybody.

Since the pandemic began, Hugh has volunteered with the excellent non-profit Unemployment Law Project to do about three appeals per month for workers who have appealed decisions from the Employment Security Department.

Mediation, Arbitration, and Teaching

Read about Hugh’s passions for learning and teaching mediation and negotiations.

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Representative Cases

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About Hugh

A native Washingtonian (raised in Tacoma) and a self-employed attorney since 1983, I have had an active federal and state court litigation practice in Pierce and Thurston counties, focused on civil rights and employment law, with some criminal defense, personal injury and consumer protection cases.  Read More.

Hugh McGavick, Attorney