Mediation, Arbitration and Teaching

Hugh’s passions for learning and teaching mediation and negotiations have shifted part of his law practice energy from adversarial litigation to some more peaceful approaches. He is a certified mediator with the US District Court WD WA; Washington Mediation Association Certified (WMAC); and with two fabulous non-profit organizations, Thurston County Dispute Resolution Center (DRC) and the Pierce County Center for Dialogue & Resolution (CD&R). It’s been an interesting challenge learning how to do Zoom mediations (after more than 60 hours of training) for: Small Claims Courts in Pierce, Thurston, and Mason Counties: as an online settlement conference “judge” or mediator for family law cases in both Thurston and Pierce County Superior Courts; “other” civil cases for Thurston and Pierce County District Courts; and as a private mediator. In the spring of 2022, I’ve committed to mediate at least two, 3-hour clinics per month for DRC in their new “Eviction Resolution Pilot Program”, also on Zoom.

Over the last several years Thurston County Superior Court has frequently appointed me to arbitrate civil cases (such as property, contract, and personal injury) seeking damages of $100,000 or less.

I believe if you want to learn, teach. Teaching “Negotiation Skills” as part of UW-Tacoma’s Contract Management certification program faculty from 2018-20 has been rewarding, as have been frequent trainings I’ve participated in for DRC over the past decade.